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MONDAY, 16 JULY 2007

Some people cannot leave
Their homes

Nowhere wants them
No one helps them
They cannot afford to leave
Their loved ones are there
They are old
And leaving would mean death anyway

I keep hearing about them
The elderly
Who died
Soon after they left
Just like that… dead
At least they died of natural causes we say

The few remaining of their peers look smaller and paler
Knowing that they too
May succumb
In transit
Buried in no man’s land
Neither at home
Nor in the final land with the youngsters who flee.

And so they stay
And they survive
By some miracle
In darkness
In heat
In danger

Friends visit
They travel on foot
For their pensions
For their rations
For their bread

Sometimes they work
By providing a service
Despite their “otherness”
Despite their possessions
They are spared
For a while

But ultimately
They are found out
Word gets around
They are visited

And after over eighty years
Eighty years in Iraq
Sanctions and

They are “visited”
But left alive
For now

The goose that lays the golden eggs
Will not be left alone for long

They know the callers
And in the new Iraq
They have a choice

They can pay the guards
Or pay to be guarded from them

Abu J had his first visit last week
A&Eiraqi said...
Another visit,another victim, another sorrow, another bad news from Iraq.

Obviously; it's the first time I read for you writing something sounds like; forget it , we will never live to see the better Iraq.

I really wonder how a person like Abu J feels now, after this long time in his country, after getting the hope in being free and living with dignity in his home, he always lose that hope, how many times had he been through that?

I wonder if I'll be through such experience? I'm sure it won't be just a hard one, it will be horrible, I think Horrible is not enough to give the real picture.

The worst is reading the report of the UNSIF today which confirms that Iraq was much better under Saddam, so it's now neither sectarian nor Baathist or bigot to say so, it's admitted by the united nation and the international comunity.

Maybe I'm mistaken i traslating your words, but I helplessly look for any cause to say there is a hope and unfortunately; I'm unable to find.

الله يرحمك ياوطن ويباركلك بعمايم الزمن الاغبر دام ظلها الوارف علينا وعالخلفونا .
17 July 2007 00:16
A&Eiraqi said...
كبير على بغداد
كـبيرٌ عـلى بغــداد أني أعافُها
وأني عـلى أمـني لدَيـها أخافُها

كبـيرٌ عليها بعـدَ ما شابَ َمفرقي
وَجـفّتْ عروقُ القلب حتى شغافُها

تَتَبّـَعتُ للسَّبعين شـطآنَ نهرِهـا
وأمـواجَهُ في الليل كيف ارتجافُها

وآخَيتُ فيـها النَّخلَ طَلْعاً، فمُبْسراً
إلى الـتمر، والأعذاقُ زاهٍ قطافُها

تتبَّـعتُ أولادي وهــم يَملأونَها
صغاراً إلى أن شيَّبَـتهم ضفافُها!

تتبَّعتُ أوجاعي،وَمَسرى قصائدي
وأيامَ يُغـْني كلَّ نَفـسٍ كَفافـُها

وأيامَ أهـلي يَملأ ُ الغَيثُ دارَهـُم
حــَياءً، ويَرويهم حياءً جَفافُها!

فلم أرَ في بغـداد، مهما تَلَبَّـدَتْ
مَواجعُها، عيناً يَهـونُ انذِرافُها

ولم أرَ فيها فَضْلَ نفسٍ وإن قَسَتْ
يُنازعُها في الضّائقـاتِ انحرافُها

وكنا إذا أخنَتْ على الناس ِغُـمَّة ٌ
نقولُ بعَـون اللهِ يأتي انكشافُهـا

ونَغفو، وتَغفـو دورُنا مُطمئنـَّة ً
وَسـائدُها طُهْرٌ، وطُهـرٌ لحافُها

فَمـاذا جرى للأرضِ حتى تَبَدّ لتْ
بحيثُ استَوَتْ وديانُها وشِعافُهـا؟

ومـاذا جرى للأرض حتى تلَوّثَتْ
إلى حَدِّ في الأرحام ضَجَّتْ نِطافُها؟

وماذا جرى للأرض.. كانت عزيزةً
فهانَتْ غَواليها، ودانَتْ طِرافُهـا؟

‎سلامٌ على بغداد شـاخَتْ من الأسي
شناشيلُها.. أبـلا مُها.. وقفافُهـا

وشاخَتْ شَواطيها، وشاختْ قِبابُها
وشاختْ لِفَرْطِ الهَـمّ حتى سُلافُها

‎سلامٌ على بغداد.. لستُ بعـاتـبٍ
عليهـا، وأنّي لي، وروحي غلافُها

فَلو نَسـمة ٌ طافَتْ عليها بغير ِ ما
تـُراحُ بـِهِ، أدمى فؤادي طوافُها

وهـا أنا في السبعين أُزمِعُ عَوفَها
كـبيرٌ على بغـداد أنـي أعافُها

Regards to Abu J
17 July 2007 02:01
Dreamer said...
I dearly hope that J has recovered. It is very sad and heartbreaking to see, hear about those people who have lived a dignified life, be brought down like this. When they should be living in peace and surrounded by the people they love.
17 July 2007 10:34
Bruno said...
What a mess.

Iraq just keeps getting worse and worse.
17 July 2007 14:47
3eeraqimedic said...
I am sorry but you will not find hope in my black blog, you will find memories of better times, and when I cannot stop myslef the latest victim's phonecall from home.
As I type this someone else is trying repeatedly to contact family who live where there was an explosion today.

It is always the most vulnerable who suffer, the children, the dependents and the old. What made me really mad about this is everyone knows him, everyone knows he is frail, he could not defend himself, they could have just taken things without hurting him, hell they could have befriended him and he probably would have given them the lot.

unfortunately true
17 July 2007 19:36

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