Thursday, 21 July 2011

Still waiting to return



Three trains
From seaside
To London
A ritual trip
In search of
A street
A smell
A taste
A sound
Something like home
And kebabs
And music

An Egyptian
Who knew
We all seek the familiar
The memories
A suggestion
A disc

On the floor
In the hallway
Of an empty flat
The music started

“I loved you in the summer”
That classical teenage pick up line

“Adaysh Kan fee Nas”
A school picnic

“Zahrat Al Madain”
Years of pride and of hope

“Ya Mukhtar il Makhateer”
The drives home

A story repeating itself

A muffled noise
From somewhere

“We will return
To our city
We will return
No matter how long the time
And how far the distance
The nightingale informed me
The bulbul still sings our poems”

The song drowned
The noise now filling the dark
Moaning from
The heap
Curled up
On the floor

Yasmin (Blanche) said...
dear 3eeraqi Medic,
Sa Narjeo , always was a Very sad song in my opinion.. before we even got aquanited with terms like Ghurba, Hujra, nostalgia, etc..
yr post filled me with sadness, filled me with realization for the millionth time of what we have lost and how much we miss it..
did u mean to say that the day Will eventually come when we return?? od u really blv there still is Hope??
i dont know.. my heart is filled with sadness, adn an urge to cry..
i miss Baghdad..
03 November 2007 09:22

A&Eiraqi said...
3mti & Yasmin
Do you still have a hope?
يا كلبي لا تتمنى ما طول جافانا الهوى وبطلنه
وك لا عين ضلت خاليه ولاضل ولف يتعنه
ولا تدك يالدكك قهر مقفول باب الجنه
وهي نوب ما مش ضنه
آه يا وكتنه الما صفت نيته وزرك عينه النه
وطحنه بوسط شلوه هفه وكل ذيب يبرد سنه
ردنه نكف ونهوش نحمي الروح ما أمجنه
وانته بجلاده عين صحت اكلنه
وما طول راضي بموتنى ستاطنه
آه ياخسارة نوحناويارخص ذيج الونه
ردفا علينا سهامكم واعلى الصبر دامنه
لااحنى للدنيا صفينا ولا هوى الدنيا النه
متبدل بطبعه الهوى لو احنى التبدلنه
آه ياهواهم باول ايامه شكثر دللنه
من وصل طينتها الضهر كلها تبرت منه
لاسالفه بشفة محب ولا عاذل اليعذلنه
وحشه دنيانه وصفت جنها ابد موش النه
متبدل بطبعه الوكت لو احنه التبدلنا

I know it sounds bizzar; but that what I feel

03 November 2007 10:07

3eeraqimedic said...
Dear Yasmin and A&EIraqi
Sorry I keep doing this, this video did make me a bit sad when I first found it and brought back memories of the CD I bought all those years ago.
But in fact for this week (until the next phone call) I am a little more optimistic, apparently things are 60% better. I do not promise to remain positive for long but will try and think up something happier to share.
take care
04 November 2007 00:34

Yasmin (Blanche) said...
3eeraqi Medic,
i forgot to ask u, if i may, where did u get this oooold film of baghdad streets?? its like a documentary..
the trip in the familiar streets was So touching..
05 November 2007 12:54

3eeraqimedic said...
Dear Yasmin
I am not sure where the film is from, but it was uploaded to You Tube by someone calling himself namirkh check out his You Tube collection they are reliably great, and he has access to all sorts of material from history to Iraqi TV programs.
06 November 2007 19:19

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