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Bil Ingeleezy version 4


I think we all need a break

This is a draft post which will I hope go through several versions with your contributions

This is the idea
Ever tried to use online translations and ended up with unconnected words?
Ever thought about literal translation for some of our Iraqi words or sayings? Do you remember (I am people = Pineapple)

Well here are a few of my favourites
(Version 3 is coming along nicely now with contributions from *Yasmin (noomeehilo), **Little Penguin (Iraqi Signor) and *** from A&E Iraqi (I miss Iraq) thanks to you all.

شلونك ........و بعد شلونك
What colour are you, and more what colour are you? (How are you? repeated)
من وره خشمه
Done from behind his nose. (and for medics this would be retro-nasally) (Doing something reluctantly)
يطير فيله
He is flying elephants. (lying)
*خشمه ناشف
He is such a Dry Nose (arrogant)
* من جوه لجوه
Doing something from under to under (discreetly)
*يخدر الشاي
Drugging the tea (making Iraqi tea)
*يشوي على اذانه بصل
Grills Onions on his ears (gives him a really hard time)
*حطها ترجية باذنك
Put it an ear ring in yr ear (keep it in mind)
** روحي تلعب
My soul is playing (I am feeling sick= nauseous)
** منو أبو باجر
Who’s the father of tomorrow? (Our fate is unknown)
** أرجوك تقدر ظروفي
Please, you have to estimate my envelopes. (Please consider my circumstances)
** صدك........جذب
"truuuth.. faaalse" (really??)
يتعارك ويه ذبان وجه
He is arguing with the flies of his face. (In an argumentative mood)
Butterfly (orderly / cleaner) this is a true joint effort from all three of us!
***سوك إلهم
Market on them (attack harshly)

And as A&E Iraqi suggested names

Here are a few well known Iraqi singers for you to guess

Very good inside (male)
Picnic table (female)
*Easy morning (male)
*Safe heart (male)
Yasmin (Blanche) said...
3eeraiq Medic Thanks..
I was in a bad mood and yr post made me smile..
sure i remeber a few of these :
- each has his mud on his cheek (being attacked verbally - in a row, by a person in a bad mood).
- he is such a Dry Nose (arrognat and cant speak to).
doing something from under to under (discreetly)
- drugging the tea (making Iraqi tea)..
and the list is still long..
27 June 2007 11:35
Little Penguin said...
my friend: I'm not used to this, but slowly slowly I'll learn.

I heard this one from a relative.. it's quite something.. there was this Iraqi student in America who felt sick in class, so he said "sir, my soul is playing"..

when asked whether we know of fate, he also said "who's the father of tomorrow!"

I remember coming up with a few of those lines.. mighty bored..

"please, you have to estimate my envelopes"

"truuuth.. faaalse"

maybe I could record some of the senior members of the community giving us a piece of their mind in english.. it'll be hilarious..

my absolute favourite is the Iraqi man who said "I speak Lenden very best!"
27 June 2007 12:18
3eeraqimedic said...
Glad it worked!
I have rehashed the post to be more informative, and as I spent some time figuring out the Arabic origin of some of your additions I have included that also.
But I don't know the mud one, and I loved the tea.
Little Penguin
You are very good at this and I loved the envelopes.
30 June 2007 09:26
A&Eiraqi said...
Well 3mti
I have somethingh to add
As Yasmin mentioned Um Abbas
Farash= butterfly
suug 3elehum= market on them(attack harshly)

and of my freinds ; her name was May Nozad ; they used to call her(water no food)

30 June 2007 12:36
Yasmin (Blanche) said...
3eeraqi Medic,
another came to my mind :
- grills Onions on his ears (gives him a really hard time) يشوي على اذانه بصل
- put it an ear ring in yr ear (keep it in mind) حطها ترجية باذنك
01 July 2007 12:24
3eeraqimedic said...
I knew I could count on you to come up with some ideas! Thanks for the suggestions included in version 3, and the idea of names.
01 July 2007 20:06
3eeraqimedic said...
Thanks again ideas included in version 3.
01 July 2007 20:07
Ihsiin said...
Shloenek... What colour are you...
Hurm... that's a shibby joke (a terrible pun).
02 July 2007 00:19
Yasmin (Blanche) said...
3eeraiq medic hi,
This is a really nice post..
i definately know who is good inside and picnic table..
do u know who is Easy Morning ?
02 July 2007 07:16
Yasmin (Blanche) said...
i forgot to add Safe Heart..
do u happen to know who that is ??
02 July 2007 12:55
3eeraqimedic said...
Well hello for starters
I am not sure if there is something I am not getting here, otherwise I appologise for not being up to scratch with the humour, did you mean shibby? or should the i be an a?
02 July 2007 21:14
3eeraqimedic said...
Oh yes!
We are definitely on the same wavelength!
We should have sat that bus together!
02 July 2007 21:15
Yasmin (Blanche) said...
3eeraqi Medic, hi,
Definately .. im sure we do ..
im sure too that have we shared the ride bel Bas (42 or any other) we would not have stopped chatting..
great post..Ashat eedech..
03 July 2007 07:24
Ihsiin said...

I think I should make myself a little clearer. I'll do so with a story.

Once there was a boy. This boy, who shall be called Shibby, was a great aficionado of terrible jokes; jokes that drain you of your hope, leaving you with only enough energy to groan, miserably. A few jokes from his collection of thousands were: "Hasanain? Why not Hassan wa7id?" and "Rasool? Shinoo, nebi?"

Once, while engaged in opening banter, someone (probably me) asked him: "Shloenek?" He smirked horribly and said: "Skin colour." I summoned all the energy in my body and focused it into the most disparaging look I could muster. Unfortunately, disparaging looks slide off Shibby like water off a duck's back, so rather than cower away as I intended him to, he proceeded to explain his pun to me and I proceeded to ignore him, fervently.
05 July 2007 01:38
3eeraqimedic said...
Thanks for explaining
05 July 2007 17:35

Ihsiin said...
Not at all.
05 July 2007 21:08
3eeraqimedic said...
Tweaked slghtly to include Yasmin's additions
07 July 2007 21:35

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