Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Iraqi Angel


She was my idol
And remains
The role model

Here for awhile
Catching up what is new
Systems that have changed
Alongside people
Who see a fraction of what she sees

Spending a fortune on a visa
Granted for the minimum time
Via the neighbours
Who grant the minimum hours

Her tales are beyond my imagination
The experiences incomprehensible

A lifetime spent
Saving thousands of children

Threatened away from home
Out of the car
By chidren

She continues to treat
To teach
To train

Here for thirty days
Speaking for thirty minutes
She tells me
She feels guilty three times

Guilty for the freedom

Freedom from the heat
From the explosions
From the threats

Guilty for leaving them behind

Her fellows
Her charges
“Her” children

If there is any justice in this world
Her name will describe her
May this Iraqi angel
Remain safe from danger
Yasmin (Blanche) said...
dear 3eeraqi Medic,
what a lovely post !!
who is this fascinating lady??
may allah keep all the iraqi angels wherever they r .. ameen..
lovely post..
13 August 2007 07:22
3eeraqimedic said...
She is an inspiration
And a treasure
I hope she and all those like her will remain safe
13 August 2007 17:56

Marshmallow26 said...
May God watch over her always
14 August 2007 14:32
Bruno said...
keep posting, medic. Just because we don't comment doesn't mean we don't read. :)
14 August 2007 15:19
3eeraqimedic said...
Allah yisme3 min 7elgich
And watch over all the good people of Iraq
16 August 2007 20:32
3eeraqimedic said...
I am becoming aware of that!!
Thanks for visiting
16 August 2007 20:33

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