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I was going to post this picture, with my memories of this orchard; I had the Google image to go with it. Many would have recognized it with the Mosque on the corner of the road.

I am glad I didn’t get a chance.
The picture goes best with the story of the people who live there now.

Rusul is six years old
It has been a long time since I was six

Try to imagine being six
Your mother removed
Your father gets a letter
He could stay no more
Granny takes care of you

One day
As you play in the garden
And granny bakes the bread
You hear the noise
The boys come running in through the gate

The mud wall comes tumbling down
The tank comes rumbling in
There is shooting
All around

Grandma grabs you
And runs to the wall
Just in time
To save your life

Too late
To stop the bullets
That go straight through your leg

When it all stops
Grandma carries you out
Between the dead boys

Out of the garden
Onto the road
To the almost closed hospital

And on a bed you lay
Waiting your turn
For surgery

Four days
Rusul has been waiting
Four days

In case you forgot
Rusul is six years old
A&Eiraqi said...
Russul is an Iraqi girl.
And of course
An Iraqi killed is just another Iraqi, you know.

I'm raising my hat for their humanity.

I'd like to thank my primeminister as I'm sectarian so I'd like to ask about what he did for Russul, sorry it's not his duty.

Thanks alot for everyone in charge as they're not doing anything.
Thanks alot for the one who kept quiet;دام ظله الوارف علينا وعالخلفونا

She is better than I, she will be another shame spot in the front of our democracy and their humanity.

20 July 2007 19:42
3eeraqimedic said...
Who to blame?
The thugs who threatened her father in leaving? The army that surrounded the area with a wall? The tank that drove down their narrow road with tightly packed homes on either side? The government running (down) the hospital.
She is six and yet she is paying the price for all the criminals and all their crimes.
21 July 2007 18:29

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