Thursday, 21 July 2011

It’s getting better all the time


I would hate it if people thought I was so blinded by hate that I was unable to acknowledge good news when I see it, so for a change from the black mood here are some stories of how improvements are being made in a small corner of Baghdad.

It is always better to be safe than sorry

Telephone conversation with someone:
3ainee il7amdulla your house is occupied, even if you do not know the people, at least there is someone there to open the door when the Americans come.
The two houses at the top of our road were blown up because they are empty, and may be used by “terrorists”

I have deleted this sections as Abu J's situation is fluid and very dangerous

Slowly but surely

And the mother of two in the telephone call that made me grateful?
Well she has been granted asylum
And not in America, the UK or Australia
Her parents returned to Baghdad
It had been a while
And you know how things are when you leave a place unattended
In this street it means
The bodies of nine strangers waiting to greet you
Well it was a few weeks they had spent away
So in terms of the rate of the dead a definite improvement

And finally American doctors improve their outcomes by experience

Do you remember Rusul?
She had her surgery one week after the shrapnel wound, and was discharged from hospital five days later.
She attended her Iraqi doctor for treatment with her grandmother for the following five days.
And then out of the blue the Americans visited the house, and informed the family that she would now be receiving treatment at the American hospital.
She is doing well, her grandmother is very grateful.
I guess the parents of the boys in the orchard don’t feel the same; sorry there I go again always the pessimist.

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