Sunday, 13 March 2011


25 June 2007 18:09

Years have passed
I still feel the same

How could she?
Why would she?

Her mother’s fault
Living amongst us for so long
She even spoke like us
She learnt the curses
And used them

Years living there
A privileged life
A free education

She came to live here
Settled in nicely I heard
A sob story to the papers
I guess that was the start

Living with her boyfriend I heard
Volunteered for the job
Depends on how you see it

Living within the walls I heard
Getting a nice tan I heard
With a new boyfriend
Sleeping with the enemy

And now that the job is done
Traveling the world I hear
Bought a new house I believe

She was not ignorant
She had not known need
She was never oppressed
I find no excuse for her

She tarred us all with her greed
She shamed us with her actions

Her boyfriend is seriously ill I hear
It has started I hope
Her ill-gotten gains
Will scorch her hands
And scar her life
She will pay them back

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