Wednesday, 16 March 2011



They drained Iraq
The land of my memories
My lifetime before

Picnics at Khanassah
School trips to Babylon
Flights to Basrah
Narrow boats in Al-Hamaar
College trips to Habanyia
Hikes to Hilla
Forests in Mosul
The castle in Ukhaider

Our last drive home together
The planes
The bridges
The tears
Um Kalthoum singing “The Ruins”

It burned for years
I died a little every day

They broke down the walls
Crossed the bridge
Burned and looted

Another piece of me died

They changed the maps
The names
The faces
And covered the hair

And I died a little more

And now
Burning down my streets
Farooq and the yellow bus
Ice cream from the Albino’s
Abu Zuhair

Tearing apart my home
The Seville oranges
The pear tree
The nasturtiums
The bougainvillea

They unpicked my past one brick at a time
They deleted my life one memory at a time
They cancelled my future one dream at a time
Paying me back

My Iraq bled
My Baghdad bled
My Adhamiya is bleeding
I have no tears left to bleed

Don’t ask me to be reasonable
Don’t ask me to forgive
Don’t ask me to believe
Don’t ask me to hope

Modified from the original attack in June 06 before the doors were closed

The Image : Home, blossom to one side and bougainvillea to the other

Little Penguin said...
I try my best to empathise with your feeling of loss.. The pictures are beautiful and poignant..

I'm sure we'll be able to go back one day..

23 June 2007 13:46

3eeraqimedic said...
Little Penguin
I realise that it is a small irrelevance in the midst of all that has and is being lost, but for me the pain is very focused, and this is for me the only way and place where I can vent it.
23 June 2007 20:09

Little Penguin said...
Allah Arham el Rahimeen.. My mother used to say "tingithee".. it surely will pass..
24 June 2007 05:17

Yasmin (Blanche) said...
3eerqai Medic,
that was So beautiful.. so touching.. so real..
the feeling of deep loss is what we all share.. today, we feel even more hopeless, more depressed..
i feel ev word u wrote..
Allah Kareem..
24 June 2007 07:07

3eeraqimedic said...
Little Penguin
This also will pass you are right.

You know it is true, we have so much in relative terms, and yet it cannot replace what we had, the sense of loss remains, sorry to burden you with this.
24 June 2007 07:15

Yasmin (Blanche) said...
dear 3eeraqi Medic,
U Dont burden me, our hearts R indeed burdened and filled with sadness.. we stand helpless watching iraqna being slayed from ear to ear..
no new frm my cousin after events of yest in ADhameyya.. not even a msg..
take care..
24 June 2007 09:04

3eeraqimedic said...
Dear Yasmin
I hope you hear good news soon.
Take care
24 June 2007 10:17

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