Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The dark side of the force


The dark side of the force

There are positives and negatives to being part of a medical family, on the plus side, you are likely to be diagnosed with whatever early, told to see your doctor soon when something is required, and told in no uncertain terms to stop being silly when there is not.

You are likely to be seen by specialists quicker because they are friends of whoever the medical person is, and likely to have access to investigations occasionally unnecessarily because no-one wants to be sued by the medical relative of a misdiagnosed patient.

On the other hand a little knowledge is indeed a bad thing, and in a medical family the worst case scenario is always what comes to mind, the viral infection with a rash is always meningitis, the headache always a brain tumour, and the stomach pain always an obstruction somewhere.

One further very dark aspect of this knowledge is that when we discuss people we dislike instead of just wishing them bad luck, we elaborate wishing upon them all manner of hideous painful disfiguring deaths.

“So it is lung cancer then?”

“Well let’s hope it is not early stage resectable then”*

“Even better let us hope it is of the small cell type, but widespread, tiny chance of improvement with chemotherapy, which must be offered, but will ultimately fail”**.

*Carries an 80% chance of being alive after 5 years
**Carries a 0% chance of being alive more than one year

Little Penguin said...

I dont know what to say.. I kind of pin-pointed who it is you were wishing the worst possible death.. maybe..

During the past 10 years, there has been one person whom I have wished every possible pain.. sometimes I think 'Allah ysami7ha' and sometimes I think 'I cant wait till I see the day she burns before the world's eyes'.. During the past two weeks, my sentiments have become more intense than ever.. I have never felt such zeal to see someone humiliated, tortured, lynched, burnt, buried with excrament.. I have developed a sense of immunity from humanity, I will never find it in my heart to forgive her for what she has inclicted on us.. I will never get enough of seeing her suffer.

What's my diagnosis, Dr?


25 May 2007 20:29
3eeraqimedic said...
Little Penguin
My initial diagnosis is that you too have been “liberated”.
I am surprised and saddened that this hatred I so recognise (but am not necessarily proud of) should be a part of someone like you.
I am also intrigued to know what she did to make you feel this way?

26 May 2007 09:40
Little Penguin said...
she's emotionally scarred me and so many other people for life.. may she ROT in hell.. I'm waiting eagerly to see her punished, she'll be a lesson for everyone who thinks actions are unaccounted for.. Allah is watching and recording..

26 May 2007 20:05
3eeraqimedic said...
Little Penguin
I haven't a clue what the story is about, but ultimately it is hurting you.
I sense your belief and faith, and so you must know that all actions must be accounted for if not now than later.
If you truly believe that you must try and release these sentiments, use them as a driving force for something good, maybe in helping others, or in preventing similar harm being caused to others, justice may take a long time to arrive, and you are very young, over time pent up hate will just burn your insides.
Take care of yourself
26 May 2007 22:39

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