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Lets call the whole thing off version 7

SUNDAY, 6 MAY 2007

This is an intentionally lighthearted post.

I will start with saying the concept is unashamedly plagiarized from comments of two great users of Iraqi-speak Yasmin of Noomeeheloo and Karim of دربونة (every astute researcher will keep their results secret until accepted for publication, but on this occasion I will happily delete this post if it upsets them).

It is heavily influenced by Little Penguin of Iraqi Signor, and The AEIraqi.

And finally I must not forget the many conversations with two confused four year olds who are taught correct Arabic at school and hear gobbledygook at home.

I have put together these lines just imagining one morning’s activity so I am sure there will be many more, this is a joint venture so please feel free to remind me of any more you can think off.
Lines with a * are additions from Little Penguin those with ** from AEIraqi, ^ from Yasmin, ^^ from Karim, “ from Marshmallow 26, “” from Hassounكندا and finally ~ from Babylonian Jew many thanks to you all

Try and sing it to the tune of the song

You all know the words

You say either and I say eyether,
You say neither and I say nyther;
Either, eyether, neether, nyther,
Let's call the whole thing off!
You like potato and I like potahto,
You like tomato and I like tomahto;
Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto

You say سریر and I say جربايا
*You say غطاء and I say شرشف
*You say شباك and I say جامة
You sayستار and I say بردة
You say بساط and I say زولية
You say أبريق and I say قوري
You say فنجان and I say أستكان
*You say صحن and I say ماعون
You say شوكة and I say جطل
You say ملعقة and I say خاشوكة
You say كرسي and I say سكملي
You say أريكة and I say قنفة
You say طاولة and I say ميز
^^You say مروحة and I say بنكة
You say خزانة and I say كنتور
You say أطار and I say جرجوبة
*You say ضوءand I say كلوب
You say منشفة and I say خاولي
You say فطور and I say ريوك
*You say رز and I say تمن
^^You say مثلجاتand I say دوندرمة
**You say مكياج and I say زواكة
You say ثوب and I say نفنوف
*You say كم and I say ردن
*You say مفك and I say درنفيس
*You say مفك and I say درنفيس
*You say دولاب and I say جرخ
^^You say علبة and I say قوطية
You say حذاء and I say قندرة
You say غطاء and I say قبغ
You say جيد and I say خوش
You say طبل and I say دنبك
You say أنف and I say خشم
You say أنظر and I say باوع
You say ذنبand I say صوج
^^You say غنيand I say زنكين
^^You say حمى and I say صخونة
^ You say قطة and I say بزونة
*You say يجنن and I say يخبل
*You say اسكت and I say إنجب
^You say ضیوف and I say خطار
“You say جاهل and I say زعطوط
”” You say امي and I say يمه
”” You say بطيخ and I say ركي
”” You say يوجد and I say اكو
”” You say ما الحال؟ and I say شدعوى؟
~ You say ما الحال؟ and I say شلونك؟

Lets call the whole thing off!!

An alternative finale would be

*You say وطن and I say عراق
Hassoun كندا said...
You say ابي and I say يبا
You say امي and I say يمه
You say بطيخ and I say ركي
You say al-jubnu and I say jibin
You say يجد and I say اكو
You say ما الحال؟ and I say شدعوى؟
I love my language, no matter how many other Arab nationalities think that "timmen" is funny. I first thought "ruz" was funny, so it's one back at them.
07 May 2007 00:52
3eeraqimedic said...
Welcome to my "new" blog.
Thanks for the additions which I have encorporated into version 6.
07 May 2007 22:30
babylonian jew said...
you say 'kalb' I say 'chaleb'
you say 'ma alhal' I say 'shlonek'
13 May 2007 13:02
3eeraqimedic said...
Babylonian Jew
Welcome to my blog
I am thinking of moving this post to the top of my blog it seems to be the one post everyone likes most!
As the idea is unique words we Iraqis tend to use rather than the rather coarse wasy we have of pronouncing words, I have not included your chaleb, bu شلونك deserves a place in the 7th version!
13 May 2007 21:54
Kurdish Engineer said...
You say وطن and I say عراق

This is the phrase which made me cry and cry, and I am inside Iraq (Erbil), I am thinking of you while you are writing this phrase and you are thousands of kilometers away from a paradise called IRAQ.

I also want to thank you for visiting my web blog, you asked for informations about the photos those I publish, sorry for the unavailability of the information on my blog site as I have no time even to upload the photos, not adding informations as well, but my loyalty to my great country forces me to try to do something whatever was small as my blog site and the photos in it, may be someone see them and come back to his conscious and leave killing aside.
22 May 2007 08:49
3eeraqimedic said...
Kurdish Engineer
I am saddened that this, my most light-hearted of posts could make anyone cry, but the final line was in fact suggested by a young Iraqi who has never lived in Iraq, that is what Iraq is to all of us wherever we live.
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question and for visiting.
I wish you well in your endeavour, please stay safe.
22 May 2007 22:19
Kurdish Engineer said...
Dear Sister

I am so so grateful to you for your always writing me "please stay safe", these are the real iraqis.

هذولة احنا العراقيين
ئه وه ئيمه عيراقيين

Also I want to invite you to visit my other blog site,

Best Regards
11 June 2007 07:41
3eeraqimedic said...
Dear Kurdish Engineer
I had seen the "other" blog, but made no comment it seemed very personal, and in same places heartbreaking.
I am embarrised to say that despite studying Kurdish for a while in school I cannot remember any and could not understand the banners in your recent post, so thak you for writing in both Arbic and Kurdish here.
And once more stay safe
11 June 2007 22:17
Kurdish Engineer said...
Hi Sister


I would like to let you know that the logo or the picture that you put beside your profile is great, I like such arts. you look to have a very good idea about art drawings.

Good bye and Take care.
24 June 2007 19:17
3eeraqimedic said...
Kurdish Engineer
Thanks for the kind comments.
It is actually a drawing by my 4 year old son, a gift to me (to cheer me up) which I loved and has become my logo.
take care

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