Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not Guilty / Guilty


I read a comment
And those that follow
I know even before
You ask the question

Centuries of experience
What did I expect?

Why do I do this?
Why not just ignore?

Armed with just
A sense of injustice
Arguing against
The experts in argument
That alters no opinion

With two “versions” for everything
Nothing is ever real
Lies repeated until
They are the truths
Excuses repeated until
They became the cause
Blame placed elsewhere
While they just float on air

Justification to allow
Clouding to continue
Other opinion producing
Attack and ridicule
Intimidation and threat

No they were not guilty
Your death
Like that of your country
Had started before you were born
If killed, than by your own people
If not them than surely by your own hands

When self preservation
Of the powerful means
Everyone else is worthless

When the reasonable
Are talked into defeat

Then cry not when
The only ones who stand
Are those whose convictions
Come with no fear

“The soldiers had never been trained to deal with this type of situation; there was lawlessness all around, no police, no judiciary and criminals released from prisons onto the streets.
“The vast majority of British servicemen, particularly British soldiers involved, behaved impeccably and with great courage”

On the other hand, when their own captains go to "war" they must never die because if they do, someone must be blamed, and someone must "pay".
On this occasion at least the verdict was "guilty"
"He said sending troops into a combat zone without basic kit was "unforgivable and inexcusable" and "a breach of trust between the soldiers and those who govern them".

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