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In the “bad old days” in secondary school we had a weekly ceremony.

It involved speeches, occasionally the mention of a local or national prize won by the school in sports, or the particular academic achievement of a class, always culminating in the raising of the national flag, and singing the national anthem.

During the first war, in addition to this there was the “honour” of being selected to shoot blanks from a Kalashnikov, a privilege bestowed on those with particular political activities, or as a reward for some other achievement.

During one such event, a high-ranking government official visited our school.

The preparations took several weeks, in addition to the events within the school grounds, girls from the fourth and fifth year classes, me included dressed in hired military gear would be lining the route to the school ground, starting from the school entrance opposite the river.

We had all been training, and took our places in line silently, sweating under the camouflage berets, our blotchy trousers held up with the cream belts, khaki boots on chalk marked lines, and oiled machine guns held parallel to the trouser seams.
The entourage arrived, a few words of acknowledgment before they entered the school proper.

Once everyone was in place, we formed a line under the trees and with the school ground clear, and to the piped drums we started our marching.

I guess for some that was a frightening or unpleasant experience, but at least we did not go to school fearing the visiting minister’s guards would shoot us.


A&Eiraqi said...
I won't e surprised if someone says that the minister was attacked by the terrorist; it's always like that.

Isn't it surprising that the minister on your days would dare visiting the school while girl are holding weapons!!
While Al-Khuza3i visited an exam center but was scared and keen to fire th others.
How scared they are!!

28 June 2008 21:18

Abbas Hawazin said...
very nice way of posting about this.
wouldn't it be nice if everybody decided to boycott the exams?

30 June 2008 11:36
3eeraqimedic said...
He did!
It was all self defence
خطيه المسكين

30 June 2008 19:16
3eeraqimedic said...
After the shock, disgust, anger and sorrow I could not help but remember this story.
I think ministers who do not feel safe in certain parts of the country, and have trigger happy American trained "self defence experts" for gaurds should do what they did as students.
Boycott the schools.

30 June 2008 19:20

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