Thursday, 4 August 2011



I was part of a jigsaw
Discarded by time

Part of a picture
Faded even in my mind

The paper picture

The wood pieces

The sharp corners
I once had

Faded and

The carved edges
I once had

To fit

The face
I once had

Crayoned over

Where I belong

A bag of spare pieces
A box of odds and ends
A bunch of bits and pieces

From all the games
And puzzles
That life
Left behind

saminkie said...
I saved this poem in my mobile phone to read it again and again....look 3eeraqimedic.. I do not like poems too much but I will tell you some truth....I did not like your previous poems...I read them but...did not like to think about them more...but this is really a poem that nead to be read in slow...spelling every word slowly...and i will do that tonight and comment are a poet now in my mind....
02 December 2007 14:53

3eeraqimedic said...
Dear Sami
Syria has clearly disoriented you!
This is not poetry, it is a paragraph of words with anything extra deleted, leaving a telegraph (or for your generation a text message)the minimum sufficient to convey the meaning, or remind me of the feeling
03 December 2007 05:52

saminkie said...
Dear 3eeraqimedic, so your paragraph of words was so briliant...I liked it and it also remembered me of the piecful days we lived in our childhood me and my siter playing the not more in Syria back to iraq waiting the visa to visit my a piece of jigsaw too...thanks for your nice posts..
03 December 2007 14:41

3eeraqimedic said...
Dear Sami
Hope you do not have to wait too long
I am glad you liked this piece, and I guess we are all part of a jigsaw, I hope you do not lose the other pieces.
03 December 2007 22:12

saminkie said...
3eeraqimedic you talked in one of your answers to one of my comments about psychoanalysis...and believe me..this what you call A PARAGRAPH OF WORD, and i still think its a poem, is the best material that a real psychoanalyst can go beyond symbols and start his/her is word with open ends..with diverging is so so nice and clever...and believe me 3eeraqimedic if you wrote it in a paper then show it to someone who loves poems and ask him this way: " I read this poem of papbl neroda (or octavio path or anyone) and did not understant what he means...please what he mean do you think?" and you will laugh really laugh on their answer.....hehehe...sorry to be silly...
04 December 2007 14:51

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