Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fly for me


I shut the door
Turn the key
Start the engine
And escape

With the first notes
I hum along
And sing
Louder and louder
Blocking the noise
Blurring the now

In the sky above
A swarm of birds

Fly home for me

Between the clouds
And the planes
Fly in silently

Cross the borders
The barbed wire
That I cannot
Or no longer want to cross

Enter the land
Jump the queues
And questions
The inspectors
With berets
And chains

Fly and see for me

Places I cannot
Or no longer hope to see

Riversides and
Buildings and

Rest a while for me

On the wires overhead
As the sun turns red
Between the Narinj trees

Listen for me

To the hum of the crickets
And the singing of the frogs

Your wings are weary
Your eyes drooping
But just before you shut them

Look down once for me

Through the window pane
In soft putty of a corner
A jewel was once drowned

Take a peak into a room
I will never again see

White and green tiles
Cracked so many times
White surfaces
Never finished
A sliding cupboard door
Jammed still

Curl up tight
Hided your face
Drift off
And wake the next day

To the sound
Of dawn prayers
That I no longer hear, or
No longer want to hear

Ruffle your feathers
And call upon your sisters
To join you

Under the swing
Between the chairs
Are crumbs from the evening

Now just before you go
Outside the window
Between the mint and parsley
Under the leaking tap

Breathe in for me

The scent of
The wet ground

But when all is seen and done
Fly on and on and on
Do not turn back
Do not return
I want my own blurred vision
Not what lies behind your eyes

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