Monday, 23 June 2014

The view from one family

So what is our family view?

Well the grandfather has oscillated between difficult to comprehend expectation "Baghdad will be liberated, we will be able to go back", to despair "they are shooting the nationalists, it was doomed, religious groups and seculars would never be able to work together for long"

The father has become pathologically connected to the TV and has added numerous new channels to the list, cursing the turbans, the politicians, the foreign media, the government media, in fact virtually everyone

The uncle has become loud again

The aunt confirms that her family in Mosul are feeling temporarily less oppressed (for a detailed update check out mosul eye world press and on Facebook)

The son has taken up residence in the loft watching football games

And the cousin remaining in Baghdad (whose brother was shot in the head a few years back) send a text message from the Officers' city

"sorry we have been unable to call, the internet is disconnected,
will call you once it returns,
don't worry about us we are well,
we haven't been out much but we are well,
there is nothing happening in our street,
we are all well,
a couple of streets away there have been cars dragging away all the young men but we are not affected,
don't worry about us"

Update 26/06
The day after the text was sent, a car drove down the street randomly picking up young men, two of her brother's friends were arrested, he just happened to be out late that night, and he has since made his way into Turkey

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