Saturday, 14 November 2015

Selfish thoughts

It is probably the most selfish of positions
But every time something like this happens, my thoughts are always the same
Thoughts that go round and round my mind
Hour after hour
Night after night

They told me to try and hold the thought for a minute
To challenge it
"How likely is it to happen" in my mind very
"What is the worse thing that could happen" read the history books
"Will this matter in five years' time" in my mind this is becoming more likely as time goes by

I listen to an extended "any answers" on the radio
The caller suggest that refugees be militarily trained and forced to go back and fight
Another that anyone likely to be "one of them" be sent to a concentration camp in Scotland
And that friends and family "who should have known" will also be sent there

I find myself thinking up plans to be prepared
Looking for strategies from the past
Who survived when Europe last turned on its minority religion?
What did survivors have that others didn't?

Apparently best chance was
Married to someone of a different religion
Connection to someone in authority
Certain professions including scientist, tailors chefs, musicians
Aged teens to thirty
Committed to some ideal
Connected to country by language / heritage
Able to establish and maintain links with others including outside immediate family

Ultimately I conclude it also depended on whether or not one was able to influence others to leave with the children before it was too late  

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