Thursday, 4 June 2015

It is all in the names!

So two ISIS fighters named HAYDER and HUSSEIN have been captured and interviewed by BBC

What next a couple of BADR militia named OMER and OTHMAN??!!!!!

Update 17th June

Well what do you know? Orla and team do interview the BADR butchers

Unpunished atrocities committed by the allies used to excuse further crimes, and the cycle continues

Twelve years after the invasion
Four years after the investigations were completed
Millions displaced
Millions radicalised
Hundreds of thousands murdered, humiliated, traumatised
A country ripped into three
Hordes of foreigners arriving from abroad to live the "Muslim Umma" dream in the once-upon-a-time land of mathematics, science, knowledge and possibilities.....

The Chilcot enquiry continues to slowly simmer
Weapons manufacturers around the world
The Middle East envoy, the wife of one warmonger, and the brother of another continue to reap the rewards

Ramadan Kareem!

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